Code of Ethics

By promoting only those products and services which are functionally and economically sound, and which are consistent with objective standards of health and safety.

By making all advertising and sales promotion factually accurate with respect to product description, performance specification, and cost/benefit analysis, and by avoiding those practices with tend to mislead or deceive the customer with respect to competitive pricing, savings claims, or the nature and significance of contracts, warranties, finance agreements, completion certificates, lien waivers, or liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

By writing all contracts and warranties such that they are fair and mutually beneficial to all parties concerned, such that they are free to ambiguities or omissions with tend to obscure contractual obligations, and such that warranty terms and provisions are free of the capacity to mislead or deceive the customer as to the quality or longevity of the product or service.

By honoring all contractual obligations until and unless they are altered or dissolved by the mutual consent of all contractual parties concerned, and by fulfilling those obligations in a reasonably prompt manner that is fair to all parties concerned.

By promptly acknowledging and action on all customer complaints, and, in situations where complains appear unreasonable and persistent, by encouraging the customer to initiate an approved third party dispute settlement mechanism.

By refraining from any act intended to restrain trade or suppress competition, and to thereby prompt the private enterprise system and its guarantee of equal rights for all.