Commercial Carport Canopy Structures

Carports are an ideal covered parking solution for protecting vehicles and other valued items from outdoor elements. Southwest Builders is a leading provider of custom-designed commercial carport structures, with experience in innovative and cost-effective design and coverage solutions for all types of businesses.  

Our commercial carports are expertly designed to provide a safe and attractive canopy for all types of vehicles. They can also serve as an additional storage area to protect machinery and other products from sun, wind, rain, and snow. We are proud to be a 16-time “Contractor of the Year” award winner, so there is no project we can’t handle. If you are in the Oklahoma City area and considering a commercial carport canopy, contact us today for a free estimate.  

commercial carport in okc

What Do You Get From A Commercial-grade Carport? 

Southwest Builders designs all types of commercial-grade canopies — open- or close-ended, attached to the business, or separate. Covered vehicle shelter solutions are appreciated by both employees and visitors to your property, and will communicate an extra level of care to your customers.  

What Other Benefits Do Commercial Carports Provide? 

  • Increased value. They don’t just offer protection from the weather; they offer aesthetically pleasing visual appeal to your business. Southwest Builders designs and creates many types and sizes of commercial carports that integrate and complement your company’s design style, offering function, convenience, and increased value.  
  • Cost-effective. Less expensive than designing and building any type of full-scale garage or parking structure. If you’re looking for a lower-cost way to protect vehicles at your business, a commercial carport is an ideal solution. 
  • Faster Build. Commercial structures are mounted and installed much more quickly than a full-scale garage of any type.  
  • Weather-resistant. The materials we use in our structures are designed to withstand snow, sleet, wind, hail, rain, and the hot Oklahoma sun — all of which are potential contributors to vehicle damage. 

Types of Material Used 

Many types of materials can be used in the construction of your commercial carport. Our experienced team will sit down with you to discuss which specific configuration, size, and type of materials would work best to protect vehicles at your property. We’ll go over all the options with you and the pros and cons of each style — from a flat roof to a T-style gable to a mansard roof or other custom design.  

Steel Carports 

Steel is one of the most durable materials available for carports. It’s extremely heavy but provides long-lasting protection. 

Wood Carports 

Wood carports offer a wide range of design and aesthetic options. With wood, you can select a design that melds style with function to create an attractive and effective parking canopy. 

Polycarbonate Carports 

Polycarbonate is one of our most lightweight carport materials. This durable material offers high resistance to cracking and splitting. 

Aluminum Carports 

Rust-resistant aluminum is a popular material for many types of commercial carports due to its relatively low cost and durability.  

wooden commercial carport

How Much Does a Commercial Carport Cost?  

Costs to design, build, and mount a carport can vary greatly depending on the material costs, your timeframe, weather, and other conditions. All of these elements go into creating an estimate for your commercial carport. To get the most accurate estimate, Southwest Builders will sit down with you to fully understand your needs and vision before we create a custom quote for your job. We work with all budgets to create a carport solution that’s just right for your business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to get a custom quote for your commercial carport canopy.