Room Additions for Homeowners in the Oklahoma City Metro Area

Make Your Oklahoma Home New Again with a Room Addition

Enjoy a custom room addition for your Oklahoma City home that matches and complements your home’s existing exterior and architecture. Enjoy the smooth transitional look Southwest Builders can provide through conventional construction methods – our specialty.

As a design/build room and home addition contracting firm, we can take your ideas to create a specialized look and feel to your additions. Our estimators have years of experience. In fact, many members of our team have worked together over 25 years, providing quality remodeling services to thousands of customers.

The Value of Adding or Remodeling a Room in Your Home 

Home additions can add enormous appeal and increased value, transforming your home into a better place to live, work, or play. Customizing your “castle” with an addition or room remodel offers opportunities to enhance your home, showcase your distinctive style and complement your home’s architecture. 

Room Types 


Adding a sunroom not only adds space and light and increases the value of your home, it’s a beautiful way to get creative. A sunroom can serve as a well-lit space for hobbies, a reading room, a place to grow plants, or simply as additional living space. If you’ve ever had a bug, bee, or rain ruin your picnic, you’ll especially appreciate the cover and comfort of a sunroom. 


Whether through an addition or repurposing/remodeling existing space, adding a bedroom offers many advantages — not the least of which is higher resale value down the road. Whether you envision kids having their own rooms, hosting overnight guests, or creating space for another family member, adding a bedroom is a great investment. 


Mudrooms are increasing in popularity as a functional space for storing all of your everyday items you need in easy reach, but don’t necessarily want out in your main living space. Mudrooms are typically added as an entranceway to a back or side door and are equipped with ample storage for shoes, umbrellas, coats, bags, sports equipment, and anything that needs a dedicated storage area.   

Gaming Rooms 

Specialty rooms like a gaming room customize your home and add a special interest niche for future buyers. Whether you love video games or board games, you can transform a plain space into a gaming room that cultivates just the right atmosphere for play. 


Home theaters are even more popular with people spending more time at home, and give a “special event” feeling to watching movies. Picture super plush chairs, dark curtains, designated spots for popcorn and snacks, and a big screen TV with surround sound. 

Walk-in Closets  

Adding a spacious walk-in closet is a great way to add useful organizational space to your home. Well-designed walk-in closets can be one of the deciding factors that makes a future buyer choose your home over another. 


One of the surest ways to add comfort and convenience to your home is by creating space for an additional bathroom. Whether as an external addition or remodel of existing space, an additional bathroom makes life easier for residents while adding value to the home. 


With more and more people working from home, a dedicated home office space can make your life easier. Whether as an addition or remodel of existing space, creating the right home office atmosphere with everything you need to work well from home can really add to your productivity and comfort. 

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